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Calibre Group provided labor advisory services to Black Diamond in its acquisition of certain steel mill assets of ArcelorMittal.  Calibre Group provides unique advisory and capital solutions to various stakeholders of industrial and unionized companies.Securities transactions are conducted through our affiliate Calibre Group Securities, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.
  /  Jan 7, 2014  /   Jo Isenberg-O’Loughlin
NEW YORK — James "Jim" Tumulty, a veteran investment banker with a track record in metals and manufacturing, and key members of the team he led at Seaport Group LLC have united to form Calibre Group LLC, a private equity fund that will provide merchant banking services to the "Rust Belt" manufacturing sector.
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PITTSBURGH — Calibre Group will be led by Jim Tumulty and will provide advisory and proprietary capital solutions to companies in the metals, paper, container, manufacturing and energy sectors. Our focus is on industry groups where we have deep operational experience, especially those with unionized workforces or complicated financial or operational issues. Calibre will bring the hands-on, bottom-up approach to finding solutions for its clients that people have come to expect from Jim, Ed Siegel and their team. The addition of proprietary capital and the distressed expertise of long-time friend, Harrison Bubrosky, will substantially increase the team’s ability to provide creative, focused solutions to our valued clients. Calibre expects to announce additional hires in the near term. 
  /  Jan 1, 2014  /   Jo Isenberg-O’Loughlin
NEW YORK — He’s a lawyer, an investment banker ... and a one-time rank-and-file union member. That particular combination of skills and training doesn’t walk down Wall Street every day . But in the more than two decades that Jim Tumulty has run with the bulls--and been stung hunting honey with the bears--an eclectic mix of whitecollar legal and financial ex pertise and bluecollar straight talk and sensibility has served him well.