Capital Management

Calibre Capital Management (“CCM”) will focus on manufacturing businesses including steel, and paper and packaging. CCM’s industry contacts, proprietary analytical and diligence methodologies can uncover opportunities to create value. Our strategy is to make investments in businesses and assets where significant value can be unlocked.  The Program’s objectives include (1) identifying unique investment opportunities where CCM brings a strategic advantage leading to an attractive purchase price; (2) achieving operating efficiencies and value enhancement by positioning CCM Principals and or their representatives as management, Board Members and or Financial Consultants; (3) introducing accretive acquisitions or directing opportunistic divestitures where appropriate; and (4) providing ongoing strategic options to maximize investment IRR’s. 

Proprietary Capital Solutions

  • Calibre professionals manage a private capital investment program on behalf of institutional and high net worth investors.
  • CCM will partner with other providers of capital.
  • The CCM program offers creative proprietary capital solutions to its clients.
  • Calibre professionals have co-invested with their clients in the past. CCM is value-added to private equity clients, not competitive.

Investment criteria

  • Metals, paper, container and manufacturing sectors
  • Partner with or recruit an experienced management team, able to develop and execute the new business plan
  • Especially opportunities which require creative solutions, turnarounds or companies with a unionized workforce
  • CCM will focus on investments in companies with EBITDA <$15 million including turnaround and distressed situations

Broad Range of Investment Types

  • Equity
  • Control
  • Co-investment


  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Bridge Loans
  • Convertible Debt
  • Purchase of Distressed Debt


  • Inventory
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Hard Assets