Deep Experience with Organized Labor

direct experience

  • Over a decade of extensive labor advisory experience advising clients in direct contract negotiations with the United Steelworkers and the United Auto Workers
  • Track record of creating alternative solutions to costly and uncertain 1113/1114 rejections
  • Calibre professional worked for ten years at the United Steelworkers
    • Extensive experience performing contract & benefit analysis, including negotiating modification and termination of OPEB and pension plans
    • Advised the USW in bankruptcy reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and in negotiations with companies seeking concessions both inside and outside of bankruptcy
  • Financial analysis of numerous companies and the role/impact of labor on both operational efficiencies and cost

In Depth Knowledge

  • Critical insight into the unique issues of organized labor
  • Extensive experience negotiating the balance between strong labor agreements and profitable companies
  • In depth understanding and experience around how labor agreements can impact the outcome of sale transactions and reorganization
  • Real-world experience with pension and OPEB accounting, effectively communicating with actuaries and in-depth knowledge of both VEBA and pension plan operations